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In a world where SPAM and blacklisting threats continue to rise, CX operators have a new champion – SPAM Sentry. On guard 24/7, this autonomous service relentlessly protects your outbound communications, ensuring that no SPAM tagging stands in the way of your outbound efforts.
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SPAM Sentry does all the work for you – in real time – and notifies you as it runs.

In support of the Community Caller ID pool service is our SPAM Sentry monitoring service. This fully autonomous sentry runs 24/7, scanning all active campaign pools for DIDs that receive any level of SPAM tag or blacklist score. When the SPAM Sentry identifies an at risk number, the system immediately removes that number and places into our remediation service, while replacing it with a clean, CNAM registered, attestation A token assigned,  SPAM free number.

No more human intervention. No more reacting with delayed replacement. No more campaign pauses and agent downtime or lost callbacks. No dashboarding to track SPAM tagging, replacing after the fact.

There is no additional fee for the SPAM Sentry service, every Community CallerID pool is monitored and protected as part of the Pure CallerID solution. 

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SPAM Sentry is always on, scanning every number assigned to your Community CallerID pools for any level of risk.


At the moment of risk, SPAM Sentry – due to Pure CallerID’s native enablement within your CCaaS solution(s) – removes the effected number from every campaign, list, and record assignment and replaces it with a clean, registered, SPAM free number. Instantly.


SPAM Sentry confirms all records have been updated and all assignments of the quarantined number are replaced.


The effected number is then placed in a remediation pool, where a process is undertaken to remediate the number, should reassignment be configured within your account.


As SPAM Sentry performs its work, notifications are presented within the Pure CallerID application and dashboard monitor for notice to your Pure CallerID administrator. No effort or intervention is required by your team, or ours, as SPAM Sentry continues to monitor your brand identity scoring.

Why Pure CallerID?

Pure CallerID was purpose built by experienced industry executives, on both the operations and supplier side, to solve for a significant gap in solutions needed by organizations who are attempting outbound engagement. Through automation, native connectivity, and  a constantly evolving product, Pure CallerID is engineered for delivering enhanced contactability to enterprises of all size and purpose.

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