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As many know, the ever-changing landscape of outbound CX has been profoundly influenced in the past several years by key regulatory decisions centered around DNC and TCPA. Pre-TCPA, most organizations adopted a good-faith approach to outbound communications. However, post-TCPA, many saw the regulation as a litigation tool rather than a protective measure. At the core, TCPA created a compliance challenge for operations, especially outbound centric engagement. Result was many weighing the trade-off between potential TCPA complaints and business continuity. This dilemma, combined with the rapid advancement of communications technology and the availability of cloud-based CX technologies, sparked a wild-west like scenario with rampant robo-dialing, auto-dialers, call spoofing, and surging spam and scam calls.

The inevitable shift of regulatory focus onto carriers, no longer solely focusing on the individual operators, has led to an ultra-conservative attestation/tagging approach, thereby creating a surge in number blacklisting/spam-listing. In parallel, the broad transition to mobile phones for consumers empowered both carriers’ and app developers’ spam-tagging, blocking, and screening efforts. All coalescing into an exponential increase in spam/scam calls and a significant decrease in answer rate by the end user. Most CCaaS providers don’t offer CNAM registration, blacklist remediation, and automation for refreshing dial-out numbers as standard services. Our leadership, having been operators, technologists, and consultants in the CX realm for so many years, recognized a delta in the marketplace. This need was highlighted by clients seeking a single point solution, ultimately leading to the development of Pure CallerID. This is our origin story.

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All-In-One Platform

Pure CallerID is not just a product; it’s a commitment to the future of communication. Built with scalability, elasticity, and continuous enhancements in mind, we’ve designed the platform to be future-proof and adapt to the ever-changing CX landscape.

Our roadmap includes expanding our suite of services, integrating with more platforms, and constantly updating our technology to stay ahead of emerging challenges. We are committed to delivering autonomous, high-quality, and efficient solutions that continue to improve business outcomes and enrich experiences.

With Pure CallerID, the future of outbound CX is promising. We are excited to continue our journey, innovating, evolving, and transforming communication one engagement at a time.

“At Pure CallerID, we do things goodish.”- Emily Frid

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