Leadership Team

Derek Oberholtzer, CEO

Derek is a technology and operations consultant with a deep passion for enterprise technology. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, Derek has an expansive range of expertise in areas such as contact center operations, digital media, financial services, insurance, real estate, direct response, telephony, project management, politics + advocacy, and software development.

In addition to his technical expertise, Derek is known for his ability to identify solutions to meet clients’ needs and build effective and collaborative teams that can execute a collective vision for the future. He is a well-rounded executive with a global portfolio and has a track record of successfully working across all levels and departments of organizations to drive results.

Geoff Mina, CTO

Geoff is a life long entrepreneur, software engineer, systems architect and big picture thinker with a passion for helping enterprises of all sizes improve operating efficiencies through technology and strategy through market intelligence.

Throughout the years, Geoff has developed a reputation for optimizing strategy for efficiency and high-performance outputs. He is highly skilled at identifying strategic opportunities and building and aligning teams to effectively execute toward meaningful goals.

Prior to Pure CallerID, Geoff was CEO and Chief Architect of Connect First, Inc. (Acquired in 2019 by Ring Central NYSE: RNG) which provided global scale SaaS based Contact Center software.

Rob Schneider, CCO

Rob is an accomplished customer success leader with a steadfast reputation of driving exceptional customer experiences in the technology industry. Possessing a natural blend of technical problem solving and strong communication skills; Rob is a passionate relationship builder who establishes quick rapport with customers, serves as a trusted advisor to executive teams and collaborates cross-functionally to achieve success.

Primarily working with Enterprise customers in the telecommunications industry for the past 24+ years, Rob uses this vast industry expertise to quickly identify customer pain points, collaboratively develop innovative solutions and execute initiatives to drive breakthrough performance. Extensive experience in the healthcare, insurance, government and non-profit industries has cultivated a very well-rounded, authentic approach where Rob has a proven track record of balancing the critical importance of security, compliance and availability with the critical importance of a great customer experience.

Why Pure CallerID?

Pure CallerID was purpose built by experienced industry executives, on both the operations and supplier side, to solve for a significant gap in solutions needed by organizations who are attempting outbound engagement. Through automation, native connectivity, and  a constantly evolving product, Pure CallerID is engineered for delivering enhanced contactability to enterprises of all size and purpose.

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