De-Risk Your Organization with Aegis One's Patent-Pending Pre-Engage Compliance Suite

Imagine a world where every call made, or message sent, by your team not only meets compliance standards but does so effortlessly, thanks to innovative, patent-pending technology operating seamlessly in the background. With Aegis One, this scenario isn’t just a possibility; it’s your new reality. Discover the revolution in real-time compliance that our patent-pending suite offers.

Key Benefits of Aegis One

Pre-Dial/Message Validation for Assured Compliance

Comprehensive Compliance Coverage

Advanced Record Sets for Informed Decision-Making

Seamless Integration with Our Agnostic API Library

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Simplifying Compliance with Our Compliance as a Service Solution

  • Regulatory Matrix: Navigate a complex network of laws across federal, state, and industry-specific domains, including TCPA (Federal and State), DNC (Federal and State), TSR, FDCPA, CMS, FCRA and more regulations.
  • Real-Time Adaptability: Stay agile to meet dynamic restrictions such as day of week/time of day, holidays (Federal and State), natural disasters, and more with systems that adjust instantaneously.
  • Autonomous Compliance Updates: Automatically stay current with key compliance services, rule changes, and new laws, ensuring your policies reflect the latest legal standards without manual intervention.
  • Innovative Record Sets: Leverage elastic containers to create, update, and manage data across a vast array of disparate systems, ensuring that Existing Business Relationships (EBRs), Express Written Consent (EWC), completions, opt-outs, and DNC requests are maintained in real time across all your operations and systems, enterprise-wide. This flexibility allows for seamless integration of compliance protocols throughout your organization, minimizing the risk of non-compliance.
  • Automated Systems: Replace manual, error-prone processes with automated solutions like Aegis One for reliable real-time compliance management.
  • Cultural Diligence: Foster a compliance-first culture within your teams, reinforced by thorough training and dependable systems.
  • Geolocation Compliance: Use a consumer’s actual location, not just their phone number, to set compliance standards, reducing the risk of breaches and ensuring accuracy.
  • Opt-Out Management: Implement robust mechanisms to handle opt-outs efficiently, maintaining integrity and consumer trust.
  • Proactive Training: Provide ongoing education to agents to prevent compliance risks, promoting operational integrity and reducing infractions.

Fees, Fines, and Failure

Below is the snapshot of the risk landscape from 2023. Significant changes are going live in 2024 and 2025. Are you comfortable with your compliance strategy?

Regulatory Fines of the Do-Not-Call Registry in 2023


That is a DECREASE from 2022. Note that many cases are still pending.

Record breaking TCPA fines


Single case against a network for companies engaged in Auto Warranty calls.

TCPA Lawsuit filings in 2023


9.4% increase from 2022. Significant increase in class action suits including Keller Williams ($40M) and another attempt on Rocket Mortgage (TBD).

Average FTC penalty related to TCPA and DNC settlements


Some past penalties include $280M against Dish Network and a class settlement for $6M against Domino’s Pizza.

Compliance Management Without Aegis One

Compliance Management With Aegis One In Your Call/Message Path

Aegis One Architecture

  • Global Reach: Extensive network with voice pops across the globe for worldwide connectivity.
  • Multi-Region Foundation: Utilize the robust architectures of AWS and Google Cloud for unparalleled reliability.
  • Redundancy and Failovers: Built-in system redundancies and seamless failover protocols ensure uninterrupted service.
  • High Scalability: Elastic infrastructure that effortlessly scales up to meet surging demands or scales down during quieter periods.
  • Superior Reliability: 99.999% up time on our network combined with Tier 1 carrier status signifies a premium network with the highest level of performance and uptime.
  • Future-Proof Networking: Designed to adapt and grow with the evolving needs of modern communication.
  • Integrated Systems & Visibility: Full analytics and traffic management suites, our network integrates with your existing business systems for streamlined operations, management, and transparency.
  • 24/7 Superior Support: Around-the-clock support from specialized teams, ensuring assistance is always available whenever needed.

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CX Compliance as a Service

Aegis One is a patent-pending, groundbreaking solution for communication compliance, featuring a real-time pre-dial authentication system that meticulously verifies compliance across a comprehensive range of rules before a call even reaches the public telecommunication network. This system stands out for its capacity to integrate and authenticate against various compliance criteria, including internal policies, governmental regulations, industry-specific guidelines, and the need for prior written consent. The authentication process can be customized for each specific campaign, ensuring unmatched precision and adherence to applicable regulations.

Offering dual functionality, whether through SIP or API, Aegis One combines real-time authentication with a flexible rule-building interface, making it an indispensable tool for businesses navigating the complex landscape of customer engagement compliance. It enhances operational efficiency while significantly reducing your organization’s risk of non-compliance in an ever-evolving regulatory environment.

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