How DataBoost Fundamentally Changed the Game for One of Our Clients

DataBoost is a groundbreaking tool that streamlines outbound calls, ensuring precision targeting like perfectly routed luggage. Learn how it enhances business results with real-time decisioning!

Outbound dialing, an integral aspect of customer engagement, is often more nuanced than most realize. It’s not just about reaching out; it’s about reaching out effectively and efficiently, ensuring that every dial counts. In an evolving landscape where carriers are becoming more conservative and data management (quality) can be inconsistent with an ever on the move consumer base, achieving high contact rates without proper tools can feel like a Sisyphean task.

The Dialing Dilemma

Before the introduction of DataBoost Tier 0, outbound dialing for our client was very much akin to navigating a minefield without a map. Challenges exist in many areas, seemingly not connected together, but all coming together to form a domino effect of complications for making contact:

  • Increased Dialing Rate: Using aged or incorrect data drives an upsurge in the volume of dials necessary to try to keep the agent base functioning. This results in more frequent dials to more records, which dilutes their value while simultaneously inflating the risk rating for the dialing brands. This also does not solve the challenge, where many operations, including this client, believed that this was just how it was going to be, accepting significant wait time for their agents, and depreciated dialing data.
  • Increased System Dispositions: Employing non-purified data is akin to shooting in the dark—dialing inactive or invalid records becomes a norm. This doesn’t just raise compliance eyebrows; it substantially bloats system dispositions. Many of these are a result of carriers barring your outreach. This “ghost dialing” phenomenon futilely occupies the dialer, burdens the agents with increased wait time, challenges the data sciences team to constantly evaluate bad reports, and incurs undue telephony charges—even when no live connect is achieved.
  • Increased Carrier Penalties: The repercussions of poor connection rates, burgeoning SPAM reports, and intensified dialing volume aren’t lost on carriers. They respond by blacklisting numbers and allocating risk ratings to the dialing brands themselves. The fallout? Dwindling connection rates, expedited data burnout, escalated system dispositions, and a shift to subpar, latency-ridden carrier traffic. Not to mention a high risk rating for a brand from the carriers can carry over to The Campaign Registry resulting in lower than needed approvals or outright declinations when attempting to register the brand for A2P SMS campaigns. All roads are innerconnected and directly impacted by data that has not been purified.

Deciphering DataBoost Tier 0

Imagine you’re at a conveyor belt at the airport. Instead of luggage, you have phone numbers coming down the line. Tier 0 is like an ultra-smart scanner placed just before the belt starts. As records are loaded, within the blink of an eye, this scanner checks each one.

  • Is this a valid number?
  • What’s the type of line?
  • Who provides its carrier service?
  • How active has it been over the last year?

Based on this quick yet thorough scan, the scanner decides where each record should go. The ideal records receive a green light, ready to be dialed immediately. Others might be stored for rechecking later. Some might be marked for an SMS messaging campaign connected to your dialing campaign, instead of receiving a call, especially if they’re mobile (line type).

What’s amazing is, this system can be adjusted to fit your needs. It ensures that every number you dial, or message you send, has the best chance of achieving the result you want. Think of it as having an expert baggage handler making sure every suitcase gets to its best destination in the most efficient way.

The Transformational Tale

A real-world narrative stands testament to Tier 0’s value and effectiveness for any outbound organization. A legacy client chose to integrate Tier 0 across their entire set of campaigns, after months of explaining the value this would bring. The aftermath was nothing short of revolutionary for them:

  • Skyrocketed Contact Rates: An impressive 215% ascent in contact rates was noted, building on the success we had already generated together with the Community CallerID and SPAM Sentry services running on the same campaigns.
  • Slashed System Dispositions: The purge of impurities in data directly translated to a marked reduction in system dispositions.
  • Operational Revamp: Outbound dialing activity plummeted by 69%. But numbers only tell half the tale. This surge equated to optimal agent utilization, stellar KPI performances across the board, and a scaled-down dialing footprint, despite an increase in agents!

The ultimate game-changer was embedding Tier 0 across all Community CallerID managed campaigns. The synergy resulted in unparalleled contacts, heightened agent productivity, de-risked operational activities, and a notably compacted dialing footprint.

Curiosity Piqued?

This post isn’t just a testament; it’s an invitation. Dive deeper. Witness the Tier 0 distinction first-hand and contact us today.

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