Guardrails For

Mitigate human error that could lead to both violations of the DNC, TCPA, State registrations, and both State and lawsuits by ensuring compliance at various levls – Federal, State, Local, DNC, Time of Day and more. This includes validating lead tokens before any dialing or messaging initiation, fully automated and integrated into the native Pure CallerID platform.

Record Level Compliance

Watchtower Scan is essential for organizations that buys or generate leads. It provides a token verification service, a vital step in the lead acquisition process. If a lead’s token check fails, it is rejected, preventing invalid or non-compliant leads from entering the campaign. This activated service at the campaign level requires access to client Verisk and/or Active Prospect accounts via API to function and is required for activating 1-way messaging.

Watchtower Guard offers an extensive compliance rules check, including full TCPA and DNC checks at the record insert level. It requires an active SAN from the client and conducts numerous additional checks for state and local regulations and appropriate times of day for contacting leads. This advanced scrubbing is essential for companies to avoid exposure to risks and litigation on a broader scale.

Reduce Operational Costs

Non-compliance with regulations like TCPA and DNC can result in severe financial penalties for companies. With the average Federal Trade Commission (FTC) penalty for related settlements being $590,000 in 2023 and some fines reaching up to $300 million, the risk of legal repercussions and class-action lawsuits is substantial. Watchtower Services mitigate these risks by ensuring leads are validated against compliance requirements across all sources.

Watchtower Scan

Watchtower Scan offers a real-time checkpoint for regulatory compliance, specific to prior written consent, for customer engagement when inserting records into your dialing environment.Designed for any organization that buys or generates leads, providing the token(s) as part of the upload.

  • Token authenticity
  • Confirm prior written consent and opt-in are valid
  • Token pass, the lead moves into the list as expected; if failure, lead can be rejected or flagged for additional scruitny
  • Activated at the campaign level
  • Connect Verisk and/or Active Prospect accounts via pre-built API
  • Protection at the lead insert level to ensure valid opt-in status before campaign insertion
  • No slippage in opt-in or invalid token liability
  • Think of it as “Compliance Insurance” whereas a TCPA Fine could be $500-$1,500 per offense

Watchtower Guard

Watchtower Guard offers the capability to deliver the highest standards of legal and regulatory compliance for customer engagement specific to liabilities from Do-Not-Call, TCPA, Known Litigators, and High-Risk contacts.

  • Activate at individual campaign level
  • Identify, reject, flag, and/or quarantine leads received in real time:
    • DNC Federal (SAN required)
    • DNC State (13 and counting)
    • Pre/Post Litigation:
      • TCPA Federal + State
      • FDCPA – Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
      • FCRA – Fair Credit Reporting Act
    • Additional scans for known offenders, Law firms, Government and NGO associated lines, and more.
    • Reassigned Number Database (active subscription required)
Get A Customized Compliance Audit

Watchtower is record level compliance. Engineered to be a real-time firewall for every record inserted into your dialing environment.

Why Pure CallerID?

Pure CallerID was purpose built by experienced industry executives, on both the operations and supplier side, to solve for a significant gap in solutions needed by organizations who are attempting outbound engagement. Through automation, native connectivity, and  a constantly evolving product, Pure CallerID is engineered for delivering enhanced contactability to enterprises of all size and purpose.

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