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Enhance your brand visibility on all outbound calls, increase deliverability of messaging, foster trust and ensuring your calls and messages are received, while reducing your overall carrier and compliance risk footprint.
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The Pure CallerID Platform

The Anatomy Of A Community CallerID Pool

Community CallerID is a fresh pool of local phone numbers that are provisioned on-demand when a Pure CallerID user creates a new campaign and loads records – manually or via API. These numbers are assigned to an existing brand identity that has been created within the Pure CallerID account and assigned to the campaign, attestation is validated for each number, ensuring the numbers are clear of any existing SPAM tagging, and is set with your CNAM for traditional (landline) presentation as as well as registered with all mobile carriers – AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile.

These numbers are provisioned on the fly and assigned at the record level by a proprietary algorithm that utilizes LATA and the geo region of the caller, not based on their phone number. Once provisioned, registered, and assigned, they are inserted directly into your CCaaS platform(s). All with no human intervention, agent inconvenience, or a need to start/stop campaigns. These numbers are utilized by your existing telephony provider to out pulse from the dialer, providing a clean, SPAM free, brand specific calling pool for each of your outbound engagement activities.

The SPAM Sentry Autonomous Risk Management Service

Activated when a Community CallerID pool is created and numbers are provisioned, SPAM Sentry does all the work for you – in real time – simply notifying you AFTER it has solved any issues.

This fully autonomous sentry runs 24/7, scanning all active pools for DIDs that receive any level of increased SPAM tagging or blacklist score. When the SPAM Sentry identifies an at risk number, the Sentry immediately removes that number from dialing and places into our remediation service, while replacing it with a clean, fully registered, SPAM free number. No more human intervention. No more reacting with delayed replacement. No more campaign pauses and agent downtime or lost callbacks. No more dashboarding telling you how bad the problem is, requiring you to correct it manually. There is no additional fee for the SPAM Sentry service and is enabled on all active Community CallerID pools.

Call Branding With BrandID

Should you wish to take your dialing to the next level, Pure CallerID offers call branding services for all major mobile carriers. This service is available for all Pure CallerID vetted and approved customers, is billed on a per call impression basis, and made available with no minimums or usage restrictions. BrandID can be activated at the account or campaign level, by brand identity, allowing for ensuring the best possible return on investment for Pure CallerID customers.

SMS Engage

Our Tier 1 carrier messaging platform allows for customers to activate as an additional service within the Pure CallerID platform. All vetted and approved customers can activate auto reply messaging for all campaigns, ensuring an additional layer of communication opportunity with your callers. Furthermore, an advanced 1-way messaging service is available to our customers who have been approved through the Pure CallerID KYC process to engage with callers with whom validation of prior written consent or an existing business relationship has been established. 10DLC and short code SMS messaging capabilities are available, once approved and enabled, within the Pure CallerID platform.

Reporting and Analytics

Pure CallerID provides simple usage level reporting for tracking expense, number assignments by campaign, and lead audits. Nothing more. No unnecessary dashboards. No additional points of reference that require effort from data science teams.

The Pure CallerID platform was built to be native to our customers dialing environments and complimentary to all associated teams. Pure CallerID recognizes that companies have spent significant capital and established robust analytics service internally with data lakes, business intelligence tools, large volumes of custom dashboards and reports, as well as the supporting teams to oversee all of this massive volume of data in analytics, reporting, data science, and business intelligence teams.

Ensuring that all services are native to our customers environments and connected via API, every call record, SMS message, key performance indicator, and outcome that impacts our customers is already being reported internally by their teams. There is no additional lift or need for teams to pull reporting from secondary platforms like Pure CallerID.

Simply utilizing existing tools and processes, unique to each of our customers business operations, the outcomes and net impact on our customers businesses are instantly identifiable without any additional expense, planning, or effort. Full transparency is paramount.

Should our customers request some additional data feeds, we can make thee available as needed. Our position is that our customers have enough balls in the air, we did not want to add any distractions, challenges, or delays to quantifying the significant impact that Pure CallerID has for our customers.

Tomorrow's Solution

Why Pure CallerID?

Pure CallerID was purpose built by experienced industry executives, on both the operations and supplier side, to solve for a significant gap in solutions needed by organizations who are attempting outbound engagement. Through automation, native connectivity, and  a constantly evolving product, Pure CallerID is engineered for delivering enhanced contactability to enterprises of all size and purpose.

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